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Me Nelly Me play guitar! UGH!

Psychotic Bliss was born September 16.

Shitted out by unicorns, and the seed of the devil himself. Childhood was not easy for him. Abused by people around him, he started to be molded into this heartless dick who could only find emotional release in music. He embraced music with everything he had.

He wanted to prove to himself that not everyone sucked in the world and set out to find tortured souls like himself. He joined some band mates and called themselves, Five Minute Life. From the first gig he knew this was where his soul needed to be. That band didn't work so he joined another, Stopping Silence. Again... it didn't pan out. He tried again saying this wouldn't be his last attempt forming Hollow Face. That band split up as well.

Crushed by his journey he went into slumber for 3 years. Something inside snapped. The fans who he looked at as family told him one more time.

He started to soul search. He started to write again and laid down some vocals on hip hop tracks. He started to feel the fire burning within again. He hunted for a band. During this time, he found his spiritual side and became a reverend and once that happened, He found Sin7!

After hunting for bandmates to complete the band, it finally all fell into place. This feels like home to him, a family. This time in his soul he sees and feels this is bigger than just Sin7. In that being said... in the words of Psychotic Bliss...... Psychotic is music, for music is Bliss!!! Sin7 family we give you Reverend Bliss!

Hammer born April 14

Born the son of Aries on mount Olympus, forged of fire and stone Hammer grew to a man with a childhood devoid of a complete family unit, He struggled to find his direction. As he traveled through the center of the earth emerging a hunter and a man, he began to play drums for a tribe called Strange Days. Being at war with other fierce tribes in the region that band morphed into Psycotropic which lasted for many years with success in battles for the reign of power. After playing the music of the god’s for 15 years he decided it was time to shoot for the stars, at this time they transformed into Angry Room, Dropping their first EP with a thunderous crash in 2012, they toured hard for many dark moons. That’s when the war within the tribal leaders became too great. Disagreements & the struggle for the throne was the demise of the tribes fighting spirit.  After only a short rest under a great oak he found a new powerful league of tribesmen to conquer the earth with, and SIN7 took shape. Finally with a swing of his hammer & lighting from the gods, Hammer strikes his drums & shakes the mountains with the great and powerful tribe that he calls his family.

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